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Few Words

Passion Entertainment & Passion 80s was created by John Iellamo.


In the Early to Mid 80s, John listened to the radio in his spare time and accidentally tuned in one night to 3RRR a program called Pulsation Club. He heard dance tracks not played on commercial radio and from here fall in love with the tunes being played. Upon listening he found out there were other programs playing similar dance genre.  Beats Per Minute (BPM) and Dance Till Dawn were the programs. These shows really caught John attention and from that moment he was completely hooked.


Years of 80’s FM


Listening Now

In 2006 there was an event in Italy, Iventi celebrating 25 Years of Italo Disco. I sent an email to the organiser showing interest but I wasn’t going by myself. As it so happens, he email me back a week later informing me there is someone else coming from Australia who was interested. I made contact with this other person and fortunate for me he lived in Melbourne also and we hit it off. We both travelled to 2006 Iventi Party and then we also attended the event 10 years later in 2016.
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