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The 80s radio station you listened to on your Walkman long ago is probably gone.  When the music of Michael Jackson broke through to the mainstream, there was a huge surge of interest in “beat music.” 

This new style was characterised by synthesiser sounds, and rhythms that we’re all about energy. When you hear this kind of music, either Euro disco, Italo Disco or Hi NRG, you can’t help but want to dance along.

Passion 80s - About Us

A quick listen to Passion 80s will blow you away with this certain genre that has gone but certainly hasn’t been forgotten. 

If you’re new to the genre, you’ll quickly discover that there are many subgenres within this exciting genre. Some more popular than others, depending on where you look, but there seems to be something for everyone. 

If your music tastes tend toward the oldies, you’ll probably enjoy listening to songs from the 1980s or If you’re looking for something a little edgier, “New Age” and “Rave” might be right up your alley as well.

For some people, the best moments of their life were spent at a night club in the 80s. Here you will hear all of those lost classic dance tunes from the 80s. Chances are, if you’re lucky, you’ll find a song you’re heard but can’t remember the artist.

If Euro-dance or Italo Disco is your thing, you have found the right spot to listen to and hear again these lost tracks!

Sometimes the best song for your radio will come from the unexpected source. You never know when an artist will come through and surprise you. Enjoy Passion 80s!

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